Monday, June 4, 2007
The Doctor is .............. Back.........!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys,
It’s time for me to write article in English… Now I try it, even sometimes I forget this language… he… he…
It’s about Motogp. Mugello circuit, (I think favorite one for Rossi, as he was born in Italy and began his debut here). Have you seen the race? One word I can say… it is fantastic race. Now, we are talking about the race.

Race is begun in interesting fight for all drivers because the weather is very good. Stoner in Alice Ducati led the race without any pressure from all rivals. He looked will win the race as all rivals were settle after him for about 7 laps. His teammate, Capirex built a great fight for Stoner, but it was not settle in long time. Dani Pedrosa who had good start as Stoner from second position always presses him, followed by Melandri, Hopkin and Alex Baros.

Rossi, the Doctor has bad luck for start. He was in third position on qualification but after start, he became 8 grids… As he race in his country, by his Rossifummi (his fans) shout to him to strike his best, he race well. One by one, with his undoubted skill (that’s why he is called the Doctor) in handling the throttle and brake… I think also Michelin support him good tire, step by step he come up to lead the race. He race with all his skill to satisfy his Rossifummi. Even his Yamaha motorbike has less power in straight line, he could manage the power on the turn.

After great battle about 5 laps, Rossi came out to lead the race. The interesting actions he showed on the race, how he breaks the motorbike before turn and takes the throttle as fast as he can. Pedrosa press him from behind while hoping Rossi make mistake but it was not happened. Rossi race today very well. Since he lead the race, Rossi runs like flew away and Pedrosa step behind him long and long away until finish. The battle is again very interesting… Stoner who battle also well reach the fourth podium after Alex Baros.

Now, the race result :
1. Valentino Rossi Fiat Yamaha 42’42.385
2. Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda 42’45.459
3. Alex Baros Pramac d’Antin Ducati 42’48.341

And Motogp race competition result until today is
1. Casey Stoner (AUS) 115 pts
2. Valentino Rossi (ITA) 106 pts
3. Daniel Pedrosa (SPA) 82 pts
4. Marco Melandri (ITA) 68 pts

OK, see you for next battle and next articles. Be here and stay tune……..
Wong Bagus

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