Monday, June 11, 2007
The Best Race of Motogp 2007 in Catalunya

Hello guys… see you once more in EMC forum.

At this time I want to write article in English again about Motogp race in Catalunya Spain. Did you see it ? One private comment from me…. Wow, it was a fantastic race. The battle was really interesting, I think this was the best Motogp race at 2007.

Rossi who took the first pole position (39 point in statistic under Mick Doohan) in this race became the fourth when race start was begun. Stoner with Ducati which I predicted will be a new world giant motorbike took place for leading. Pedrosa took the next position after him followed by John Hopkins in Suzuki. Rossi himself struggled very hard to catch the better position. The 5 laps after, he could beat Hopkins and run after Pedrosa. Pedrosa himself as we know he raced in his country won’t to loose the race winner struck against Rossi with all his skills. The interesting battle was begun here while the position of racer were stay about six laps after.

On lap 18, Rossi beat Pedrosa as well and run up to the second place, we know the he always beat his rivals on the corner as he master this skill well. Pedrosa who won’t be lost in this race struggle to take his position again, so he rode his Repsol Honda flew away to catch Rossi, the only chance was beating Rossi in the straight line. But in this time I saw Yamaha set the motorbike well, very well as I saw the engine power was little bit less than Ducati. Rossi, as I wrote before, supported by Yamaha best team and Michelin in tire, raced quite well. He tried to catch and beat Stoner on every chance, shadowed by Pedrosa after him.

Rossi succeeded to beat Stoner on the 22 laps. He arranged the race against Stoner well as he realized Ducati power was still the best at moment. He managed his motorbike to come up and run to be the first as he stay 9 point after Stoner. But, Stoner is the best rookie star in this year won’t be surrender easily. Even he knew Rossi is better in skill than him, but he had better power in engine, so he managed his motorbike well even sometimes the tire were slipped away.

On two laps remains, Stoner could take the first position again from Rossi who still tried to reach it, who knew if miracle would happen in this race…. Rossi was ever in second position on the race but in the last corner before finish, he could run up and beat Gibernau to winner the race.
But… it was not so easy, Stoner raced well and it worth for him to stay in first and win the race. The interesting fact was that third podium in Catalunya stayed as the Motogp championship top position. Stoner, Rossi and Pedrosa. What a beautiful race….. The top championship for this moment is

Casey stoner 43’16.907 took 140 points
Valentino Rossi 43’16.976 took 126 points
Dani Pedrosa 43’17.297 took 98 points

Cheese n stay tune for the nest race…
Bagoes DW

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